What? Why?


What is ReAsonCon?  ReAsonCon is a weekend convention celebrating the educational secular community. We use these gatherings to support and educate  humanists, atheists, agnostic, and free-thinking people and groups within NC. The goal of ReAsonCon organizers is to bring awareness and unity to the secular community.

Why is Reason Important? Reason (or rationality) is traditionally about how to think properly. It tries to avoid bias and find the truth whether we like that truth or not. It avoids superstition, magical thinking, parochialism, faith, hardheadedness and whim. Reason requires people be open to changing their mind. Reason also rejects the idea that authorities can or should tell us what the truth is. Instead, we should judge ideas ourselves and based on the content of the idea, not the person who said it.

What about all “this” about Podcasters? In the skeptical free-thinking community, we find that internet content providers are usually the first place people turn in which to validate concerns they are having about indoctrinated and logic contradictory beliefs. So very often we hear people say “____________ Podcast really helped me when I couldn’t turn to anyone around me for support with the ideas I was having”. Listening to an audio-only form of media can be very intimate and private. All you need is a pair of headphones and no one in the world knows that you are listening to endless discussions of reason and/or hours of some funny sh_t that makes you laugh brought to you by people who think like you!

Therefore, at ReAsonCon each year we celebrate the sacrifice that these particular content providers tirelessly put forth. We host a gathering to say “Thank You” and offer an opportunity for the people who were touched and helped by having this medium in which to access, can come out and meet their favorite podcasters and thank them in person!

“As someone who definitely got comfort, during the infancy of my transition from faith to skepticism, from several podcasters myself… I am grateful for the effort they put forth to offer this perspective to the world. I will always be grateful.”  -Gene Elliott (President, ReAson NC Events Co.)



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